Leading distributors of building materials in Kingdom of Bahrain

Alyusuf Building Materials W.L.L has created a formidable market presence locally within the Kingdom of Bahrain and has been a key player in the retail and trade industry, relating to Building & Construction materials, ever since its inception. The Company consists of 3 main divisions:- Contracting, Trading & Technical supplies and is a part of Alyusuf Holding W.L.L; a conglomerate with a renowned name established in the year of 1972 in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Alyusuf Building Materials W.L.L is one of the top suppliers of building materials in the Kingdom of Bahrain, involved in the sale of building materials of all kinds as well as the installation of such materials at the site. Being one of the first companies to venture into this niche field, Alyusuf Building Materials has successfully occupied the majority of the market share locally.

The procurement process targets the latest cutting-edge material and technology worldwide, acting as a huge selling point regarding its quality factor, with brands acquired mainly from European countries. The Company developed connections through its course of business, becoming joint ventures with big factories in Germany, Spain, China, India, UAE and more.

Alyusuf Building Materials W.L.L entertains a huge portfolio of products used at the final stages, such as Access panels, Ceiling tiles, and Partition systems, Raised access floorings, Vinyl floorings, Glass accessories, Gypsum materials, Insulations, Safety items, Adhesives & Grouts, Steel doors and more. Selling over 60 high-caliber products procured mainly from European countries, Alyusuf Building Materials is entitled with many brand exclusivities; causing it to have a strong stance over its competitors both price-wise and quality-wise. Other than the mentioned categories, Alyusuf Building Materials sells products under its own brand name as well, catering to the local market demand.

Superior work quality and products is what Clientele trust about Alyusuf Building Materials W.L.L.

AlYusuf Holding

Alyusuf Holding W.L.L. is the holding company for Alyusuf group of companies which was established in the year 1972 in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Alyusuf Holding consists of 4 divisions: Contracting Division, Trading Division, Industry Division and Operations Support Division. The Contracting Division manages the entire contracting business and consists of 3 entities: Alyusuf Décor W.L.L. (ADE), Alyusuf Glass & Mirrors Co. W.L.L. (AGMC), Alyusuf Aluminium Factory W.L.L. (AAF).

The Trading Division with its 2 entities: Alyusuf Building Materials W.L.L. (ABM) and Global Technical Supplies (GTS) handles all the trading business for building and technical materials.