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Woo ! Song Jia bitter face, still kept stamping his foot, like hate not step on a hole in the ground! Long so big, also not to be such a grievance. She wanted to have the hateful man up,billige toms sko, but the thought of the other is to hurt, to his rest, she would put up each other thoughts, but also raise fist down. hateful hateful, after you wake up, I do to you! The thought of Song Jia heart like. Afternoon, also do not have what thing, and the other one throw her in the hospital is not assured, so Song Jia took the chair, sitting at the bedside to looking at Wang Wen, thinking, wait for each other to wake up or after the injury, how to punish each other. For a long time, Song Jia was not now so irritable, the whole people but quiet. For a time, the house became very quiet,billige new balance sko, no sound. Looks like a sleeping baby quiet man, Song Jia gradually into the god. She suddenly feel, this man seems not so annoying. At least with him, is always to be free, unrestrained! Especially the thought of two people know time is not long, but the other can stop bullets for her, Song Jia felt the sweet. Why would he want to block the shot? If not the ball, is what to do with real bullets? On the spur of the moment, or other reasons? Mouth usually so loss, did not think the key moment or a man! Thinking about thinking, Song Jia yawned, lying on the bed, unconsciously fell asleep. Wang Wen woke up in pain, began to think that only a nightmare, but when his awareness awake,BMC Cycling Jersey, and also can clearly feel pain, and he knows that this is not a dream. Wang Wen involuntarily raised his upper body, look back to see the ass,converse sko, but was scared, because he saw next to him, I do not know what is lying in a woman, this woman is Song Jia. Most importantly, a leg Song Jia up on his butt, although not run into the wound, the wound but from the very near, and implicated in wound. No wonder so sore! "Ah !" Wang Wen suddenly cried out, because at this moment, Song Jia the resting on his ass on the legs should move, and when he had had a knee operation. This kind of pain, and it is able to stand? "How, how?" Song Jia originally still sleeping, suddenly he raised his head, we look to the side of Wang wen. Hey, no, what time to go to bed? Looking at lying on the side of the show one teeth Wang Wen, Song Jia did not react, is it a dream? "You want to murder?" Said Wang Wen, jiaozhaoya bitter in the mouth, the teeth are ground into powder. Murder. Song Jia heard after tiny tiny one Leng, puzzled and asked, "what murder?" "Your legs, your legs down to my butt!" Wang Wen forehead is full of sweat,new balance womens shoes, even a hard man, encounter this kind of situation, also cannot!

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